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I am a traveler. Travelling is my passion. Since college life, I always curious to visit new places whatever it looks like because of viewing a new place is my goal. I have visited various country. On the travelling time, I always missing something. I was thought that sudden trip is the best trip. But, I was wrong, I have proved myself. Because sudden or unplanned trip is not give you much recreation. Besides, you cannot entertain yourself. Because, its lack of various things. Now, I am going to share one of experience. I always love adventure destinations. Five  of my friends have planned suddenly we will go water fall on the next day. That’s great, we have gone like as our planned .But after going that water fall, we have seen  a little bit water on there & falling down slowly. Thus, seeing this moment, we were impressed. LOL! this trip, we have not focused on season, best going time ,not asking any related forum. So, the trip was valueless. I have just simply brief one of my experience.

In a word, I want to  say that travelling should be in a planned  & calculated. Otherwise, it can be worthless like as mine. So, I have tried to research before  visiting a site. Everyone should doing such a kind of attempt.