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Keep Dry Anywhere Anytime With The Perfect Scarf

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    As winter quickly approaches, you will indeed spend more time in your home. Fighting the pesky cold is much easier when draped with a cozy scarf. Whether you have sensitive skin or have an aversion to fabrics against your skin, The Perfect Scarf has got something for you. Made of comfy rayon, this lightweight material provides full coverage while blocking drafts and keeping you dry everywhere – even in the car!

    The Perfect Scarf

    Some scarves are made from costly materials. You’ll also find plenty of scarves that wear out with only a few uses. What’s the point of spending a lot of money on a scarf for it to not function well? Instead, buy a cheap, oversized scarf. If you want a tighter fit, the most affordable option is cotton. The perfect Scarf is soft and smooth. It doesn’t fall apart or fray the way some other scarves do. It has excellent coverage and will protect you from the sun. The perfect Scarf comes in a variety of colors and styles, too, so you’re bound to find one that suits your tastes.

     The perfect Scarf is a versatile accessory that can make a single outfit look different -all it takes is the right style and material to accentuate your outfit needs. The design of a scarf also goes hand in hand with current trends. It could be a stylish infinity scarf that’s lightweight and perfect for layering under peacoats and parkas in the winter. In spring, you might opt for an elegant wrap scarf that will keep you from getting too warm and suffocating as the weather heats up. Finally, summertime should be no stranger to wheat shawls and tie-dyed silk scarves since they’ll stay light enough to beat the heat.

    Buyers Guide to Scarves

    The buyer’s guide will provide some helpful tips on how to choose the perfect Scarf. It also suggests where to find it, what the pros and cons are if it’s on-trend for this season, and if it has any special features like providing warmth or looking like a maternity dress.

    Things to Consider Before Buying a Scarf

    Buying the wrong kind of Scarf can be catastrophic in any situation. Silk, wool, acrylic- blend winter scarves are the ideal choice in cold weather. Woven summer scarves are lightweight, easy to dry quickly in a suitcase, look great for all occasions, and provide better protection from the sun. Cashmere is an expensive choice but often worth it if you invest wisely.

     Are scarves personal, right? Yes, but you should remember that if it’s cold outside, scarves are the only thing that will keep you warm. It’s also worth noting that scarves serve as more than just protection from the elements. They can accessorize your outfit or tie your look together. If you have a limited budget, stick to reliable materials like wool, silk, cotton, cashmere, acrylics, and knits instead of synthetics.

     It’s essential to think about what kind of material the Scarf is made of. Scarves that help keep you warm in winter need to be made from a heavy, thick fabric such as fleece or wool. Other materials such as cotton and rayon may also work for warmer weather, but it’s not recommended for colder climates. If you intend to wear the scarf as a head covering, you’ll want one with a hood and preferably long enough to wrap around your neck and shoulders comfortably.

     Size: How big is your neck, scarf-wise? If you’re a lumberjack-type with a 24″ neck circumference, you’ll need to be looking at tying three total knots or more. For those of you who need a whole lot less wool wrapped around your neck, make sure the band is wide enough to sling across.

    Lightweight: Sometimes fabric can add unnecessary weight to a person’s load. You want a scarf that’s not going to weigh down your arms and cause sweatiness! Nylon and polyester scarves weigh considerably less than wool.

    The Best Types of Scarves

    We know there are so many kinds of scarves, so we’ve narrowed it down by adding the different types below. Whether you’re shopping for your notebook buddy or your discount shopper, we know there’s one out there that will work well with just about everyone.

    How to Store and Care for a Scarf

    One should always keep a scarf free of wrinkles and other imperfections if they want it to look nice. In order to store a scarf, one should gently place it into a decorative, neatly folded square. If the person opts for using a garment bag to store their clothing, then their Scarf can be rolled up and placed inside the same bag. A person mustn’t fold excess space out of the garment bag since this will lead to problems with storage. Furthermore, there are two types of scarves – tie or self-tie – so each requires an extra step before being stored away.

     Scarves can be stored in several ways depending on the type of material and thickness. Wool and cashmere scarves can be hung at the back of a closet door utilizing low tension to avoid overall wear and tear. Silk scarves should be folded in an accordion fashion to avoid distortion. The best thing for cotton, polyester, or other lightweight materials is to put them into their kitchen dish towel then roll it up in a ball, binding off the ends with a rubber band.

    Various Ways to Wear a Scarf

    Whether looking for a sleek and fashionable look or a more relaxed and warm appearance, Scarf has a unique style to meet your needs. Neutral lightweight fabrics can be worn all year and easily layered with jackets, sweaters, coats, turtlenecks, scarves are also excellent fashion accessories for any occasion.

     The three ways to wear a scarf are put, around the neck, folded or wrapped, and the most recent – the cape/shawl over the arm.

    Coloring In Scarves Colorful scarves are a fun way to liven dress up an outfit. Sarongs, made from cotton or gauze, can be worn as they are or wrapped in so many different ways. East Hills is known for its quality fashionable scarves, offered in a vast array of colors and styles.

    How to Style the Perfect Brunch Outfit with a Scarf

    If you’re attending a brunch event and the event is outside, make sure to carry your perfect Scarf at all times if it starts raining, instead of stuffing your clothes into a bag or frantically looking for shelter, put on your stylish Scarf and pick up where you left off.

    Thick Cable Knit Chunky Scarf

    The Varigen Scarf stays around your neck and is snug against your skin, keeping you comfortable and dry. It has a surprisingly good range of thickness that ensures it absorbs a lot of water yet never becomes heavy or suffocating – a brilliant design.

    Features :

    • Hand-knit scarf with boxwood textured pattern – for the fellow traveler who likes to be bundled up.
    • This stylish Scarf is super cozy, versatile, and one of our top-sellers. The fibers of this garment are made to keep you warm on the plane or on the winter streets. Handmade of wool blend yarns.
    • The coziest and most fashionable accessory for winter and fall. Wear with anything to keep your neck warm from crisp mornings to chilly nights.

    Pink Plaid Scarf

    Maybe you’re an outdoors and active woman taking long hikes, or a city-dweller who never leaves her desk chair without a suit, suit jacket, and dress shoes– where ever you’re going in this weather, your perfect Scarf will keep you dry when nothing else can. Please choose from our collection of scarves made from wool, fleece, nylon materials in different lengths and styles to find something that suits your needs best.


    • It’s light and comfortable when it is warm, but this Scarf will keep you nice and cozy when the sun goes down. Size large in pink plaid in a grid pattern with different shades of pink.
    • This Scarf is soft and lightweight. It can be worn as a wrap or as a fur accent to keep the chill away. Slip it on before you go out for an evening of strolling in the dark.
    • Although initially designed for travel, this Scarf is quite multi-purpose. I am wearing it while traveling will protect you from the chilly air conditioning in planes and cabins and guard you against cold weather outside the aircraft, such as the ice-cold.

    Large Soft Cashmere Feel Pashmina

    Arguably the softest cashmere pashmina scarf available, that will keep you warm and look effortlessly elegant. The design is perfect for wrapping yourself up against the cold and allows the entire Scarf to be draped on either side or around your body.


    • Wrap yourself in what you deserve: a cashmere feel. Stay warm and look pretty with our pashmina scarf, winner of the “Best of the Best” award by California State Fairs.
    • Feels luxurious yet highly functional, this oversized pashmina is like sleeping in pure luxury.
    • With our Cashmere Feel Pashmina, you’ll never need an extra blanket again. Made of the softest cashmere threads imaginable, it wraps around your body like a cocoon for maximum coziness.


    What can I do if it rains while I’m wearing my Scarf?

    • One key to staying dry on the go is to avoid rain showers or passing under trees on a rainy day.When that doesn’t work, you will need to get your Scarf wet.

    For how long do waterproof scarves last?

    • Some brands of our waterproof scarves are water-resistant and can sponge up some water without completely saturating, so they may even last after actually getting wet.

    Will my Scarf get ruined by one good soaking?

    • No. The water-resistant properties in our premium and high-performance models will ensure your Scarf stays in good condition after a few quick washes and wears.

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