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Darjeeling The Tourist Place in India

    Destination – Darjeeling, India.

    Country overview – India is the most popular tourist place of all other sites in the world. To review the tourist place, you have to know about a little bit of research on India. Now I will brief you about it; in a nutshell, I .request that you review it at a glance.

    • Geographical region – India is in Asia region in geographically.
    • Religion – On there, most of the people are Hindu (79.8%).
    • President – Narendra Modi since 2014
    • Capital – Delhi but largest city Mumbai.
    • Total area – 3,287,263  km2
    • Borders – Surrounded by Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal ,Myanmar ,Bhutan, china
    • Clothing – Most of the traditional dress for women & men respectively sari & dhoti.
    • Transport – Mostly train is preferable.
    • Safety – India is a relatively safe country (46%) . vast amount of broker on there .
    • Language – Officially Hindi & English. But having native language too like as Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam Punjabi & Gujarati
    • Currency – Rupee
    • Population -1.3 billion
    • Weather overview – The best time to visit India is between October and March, when the weather is more likely to be warm, sunny, and dry

    Besides, you can know about tourism places’ conditions (weather overview) through this link –

    Destination Place Overview

    Darjeeling is a hill town in the Indian state of West Bengal. To go Darjeeling, you have to use train  & zip dependent. Shiliguri to Darjeeling, it can be taken up to 4hrs through zipping. The roads of Darjeeling are ziczack & having dangerous u-turn. I mean, the streets are almost adventurous. In there, hotels are also reasonable as local price—700 to 3000 rupee (figure concept). The city is entirely over the cloud.

    In the hotel room, the cloud sinks. And this morning will be the best morning of your life. In this town, you can assure those mentioned places which can give you pleasure  –

    1 Tiger Hill2. Buddhist Temple3. Batasia Loop4. Japanese Temple5. Ghum Railway Station
    6. Rock Garden7. Tea Garden8. Ropeway9. Darjeeling Zoo10. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Club

    Best time to visit Darjeeling – While summer months from April to June are the best time to travel to Darjeeling, some travelers also prefer to see the beautiful town during the winter months from October to December.

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