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Which countries require proof of onward travel before a visa is issued

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    Whether you’re trying to plan your upcoming travels or just curious about the requirements in other countries that might provide convenient entry into your destination, this blog article can give you a better idea about what nations require and how it affects your travel plans.

    Requirements for

    Refugees must have proof of their travel plans before being granted a visa. Though countries may have different requirements for what qualifies as proof, the consensus among government officials will be that your passport or other documents should indicate that you are traveling without booking.

    If you travel from the United States to Canada, Australia, Japan, or any Schengen state, you must provide a visitor’s visa before entry. These visas are not available for each type of traveler; they are only available for those entering on a trip that lasts more than three months. You may also need to apply for a tourist or business visa before getting on your flight. If this is required, it applies to both new and returning travelers.

    At the beginning of 2017, countries such as France and Spain implemented a requirement for proof of onward travel. To avoid confusion on your visa application, keep the original documentation up to date on your next trip through these countries.

    One must obtain a visa before arrival if an onward ticket is required to enter the country. The following are some countries that require proof of onward travel before a visa can be issued.

    Which Countries Require Proof of onward Travel

    In most countries, a foreign national wishing to travel to the United States without a visa must show evidence that they have the means to board a connecting flight.

    When applying to visit a country from which you need a visa, it’s essential to be aware of the following. Some countries expect you to prove your valid onward travel plan before issuing your visa. This can be a problem if you or your family members want to travel into or through a country without obtaining a visa first. True Visa Guarantee offers solutions for this problem by advising travelers beforehand which countries ask for an official document proving onward travel. In the UK, France, Norway, Belgium, Romania, and Greece, it is mandatory to show evidence of onward travel when applying for a visa from these countries. In the U.K., goods purchased outside the E.U. must be demolished at your home before arriving at U.K. ports.

    The immigration officers are checking if you have proof of onward travel. If you cannot produce this document, your visa may be denied, or you may experience difficulties traveling outside the country. China, Rwanda, and Sri Lanka: Recently updated on October 16, 2018, the U.S. Embassy in Spain updated its website with new instructions for residents of Spain seeking to apply for a non-immigrant visa. Under instructions updated on April 12, 2018, you are now asked to show a travel itinerary for entry into which country you want to enter before applying for the visa.

    Considerations for Countries that do not require proof of onward travel

    Many countries require that travelers show sufficient funds to support themselves during their travel needs. This includes proving onward travel by providing a specific amount of money or a confirmed source of funds. If someone cannot offer this, their visa will often be denied, making them ineligible to enter the country.

    Though many countries don’t require proof of onward travel, you should keep up your documentation in case your plans fall through, and you must enter another country to get a visa. You’ll need to provide a copy of your passport, original travel documents (if required), visa, and medical insurance. Though the regulations vary worldwide, many countries issue your visa up to two weeks after receiving your confirmation letter from their embassy. If you didn’t receive such a letter before you left, try visiting or calling the embassy directly.

    Your country of residence may not require proof of onward travel to enter. This consideration is important because some countries may ask for it from those from other countries as a condition of entry. For example, some countries require at least a round-trip ticket or evidence of membership in an organization as a ground for visa issuance.

    Countries of no need for onward travel

    In over 100 countries worldwide, you do not require a visa–or some other form of legal immigration status–to visit those countries. In those countries, travelers must present some form of documentation proving that they have sufficient funds and a valid onward ticket to enter their destination country for purposes that qualify as a temporary stay.

    Afghanistan, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, and Benin are among the countries that do not require onward travel visas. This is true for Visa-Required, Visa-Pre-Issued, Non-Visas, and Visa-Exempted Countries.

    How to get documentation of onward travel

    Before a visa is issued, most countries require that you have proper documentation of onward travel before being granted entry. An Immigration Officer will ask to see this documentation before issuing your visa. While obtaining international travel cards, passports, and tickets from a re-validating entity is not compulsory, it would only entrust the validator with copies of the original documents. With almost half the global population living on the Internet, online portals make it easy for people who can’t make time or arrive in time to enter a more relaxed mode.

    You will need some onward travel documentation if you want to travel outside the country. One way is to have a letter from someone in your country of origin. Depending on the situation, it may require one or more signatures. Other options for this are bank statements that show evidence of financial independence or a certificate of employment that shows paid income that proves you will not use any income received while abroad for personal purposes.

    Get a list of countries with no need for proof of onward travel

    Countries that do not require proof of onward travel before issuing visas may include the United States, Canada, Australia, and four Nordic countries.

    Get a list of countries with specific requirements

    Many countries in the world require a visa to enter their territory. While a visa can be extended, it will depend on which country you will visit. Before your departure, ensure you have all the required paperwork for your following location.

    Major Travel Alerts for Americans

    South Korea is one of the places most frequently visited by Americans before coming to Japan. If you do not live in America and carry a properly backed I visa with you, you will likely not be allowed entry into Korea. This is because South Korea limits visas from countries where yellow fever outbreaks have been appropriately presented to only those who carry proper proof of onward travel.

    Americans are urged to confirm their onward travel plans before traveling internationally to avoid being placed on the Turkish Government’s watch list. This may lead to delays in their travel to Europe. Europeans should be aware of this announcement as well.

    Visa Validity

    The visa is good for the indicated number of entry days only. The traveler must then leave the country within that allotted time. If not, the visa ceases to be valid or expired.

    Proof of onward travel is required before a visa can be issued to individuals from many countries. This information must be included in a separate document with a raised seal or embossed visa number; otherwise, it cannot be counted as an official travel confirmation. If you are planning a trip abroad, ensure you have the correct documents before traveling. You will not have to worry about being refused entry due to no proof of onward travel when you arrive in your destination country.

    Advice for Unforeseen Scenarios

    If you are traveling, do not just assume you can fly out of your country or area once your visa is issued. Many travelers have lost their passports near the border, forgotten them during travel, or have been detained at checkpoints. (“Watchlist” countries)

    Check the country’s list before arriving and keep all documentation available while traveling to these countries. When flying into these countries, always check in at the airport hours before your flight departs.

    Common Mistakes When Getting a Visa

    Some common mistakes when meeting with a Visa Representative are not carrying your I-94 or passport, incorrect information on the visa application, and not having proof of onward travel. All of which could cause problems during the process.

    Dozens of countries worldwide require proof that you’ll be returning to your home country before they issue a visa. However, not all of these countries require proof of onward travel. If you’re traveling on an adventure (hiking, swimming, skiing, etc.), check with the embassy or consulate before leaving your home country; traveling without proof could cause serious problems.

    Recommendations for Travelers to Avoid Delay

    Many countries require proof of onward travel before a visa is issued. This ensures that no short-term travelers seek to avoid legal implications; unfortunately, this often extends the length of the application process. To circumvent these problems, travelers can either have a document of immediate onward travel sent from their ‘home country or have a letter of invitation from a third party that contains a formal invitation to travel on the invitation for a period longer than six months.

    Final Verdict

    To conclude, the list is handy for reference after you’ve arrived at your final destination, but it doesn’t provide much information about how to use it during your travels. Ultimately, this article does point out one way to avoid the long lines associated with getting a visa. If you’ve got an electronic ticket, your e-ticket will get you through immigration lines.

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